Custom Declaration
Customers should know that you are responsible for tax and tariffs in your country if any. The following are the useful information about how we declare the name and value on the package.
We will declare low value (about USD20 or less) and use "Gift" as the name on the package.  The reason is our experience told us that it can help customers minimize or even avoid the tax.  However, you may find that you still have to pay tax for goods you've ordered from us arrive in your country.  For example, electronic items are the most commonly taxed items in some countries. We recommend you to consult your local custom office for more information on tax and tariff.  
Note: If you refuse to sign the package or clear the custom just because of the tax and tariffs affairs, your package might be destroyed by the custom officer or forced to send back under huge returning shipping fee and tax.  In this case, customers are responsible for paying all these bills.