Mini Portable Juicer Cup Sports Bottle Mixer USB Handy Automatic Vegetable Fruit Juicer Blender Smoothie Maker Machine

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Product Information:

Name: Juicer Bottle Cup

Packing Size: 80 * 80 * 250mm

Material: Imported food-grade PC, ABS, silicone, stainless steel 304

Capacity: 500ml

Battery capacity: 2600mAh

Rated Voltage: DC5V

Product Patents: ZL2016030062629.9

Color: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple

Package Weight: 0.6kg


Charging Precautions:

1 Be sure to turn the switch off when juicer cup is out of power,connect the charging cable. Red light shows charging status. (If you do not turn off the switch, it will cause the battery automatic protection, and electric charge does not run.)

2. The juice is not allowed to use while charging.


Juice production methods

Kiwi Juice

Ingredients: kiwi fruit, sugar, water, honey

Production Method:

1. Kiwi go into the juice cup diced;

2. Add the appropriate amount of water, sugar and honey;

3. After 60 seconds into the juice cup, a glass of kiwi juice complete.


Strawberry milkshake

Ingredients: strawberries, milk (milkshake), sugar or honey

Production Method:

1. Wash the strawberries and put them into a blender cup diced;

2. Add the right amount of milk, sugar or honey;

3. After 30 seconds into the cup, strawberry milkshake complete.


Grape juice

Ingredients: grapes, water, honey or sugar

Production Method:

1. Wash the grapes, peeling and put them into the cup;

2. Add the appropriate amount of water, honey or sugar;

3. After 60 seconds into the blender cup, a glass of grape juice to complete.

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